Intellectual property,
copyright and competition law

You develop and distribute products with an appealing or well-known design, innovative technical solutions or under a popular name or logo? You have created texts, music, software or another original work and would like to protect your invention?

In all such cases, we can help our clients to protect their intellectual property and to take action against infringements. Beyond that, if you sell products developed by someone else and therefore wish to make sure not to infringe third parties' rights we can help you – for instance if you have been accused of infringement by a third party.

If you feel your market position is being affected by unfair practices, we can support you based on law of unfair competition. Vice versa, we also support you in cases when you are wrongly accused of unfair practices.

Furthermore, we have special expertise in the field of the protection of design of technical inventions, particularly with regard to consumer goods. However, we have also conducted proceedings concerning high-tech products or products for professional or industrial use, for instance devices for testing semi conductors and vibroflots.

Another area in which our expertise is profound is the law of trademarks, i.e. the protection of brand names or signs. Last but not least, our experience in representing artists, publishers and software designers has proven our expert knowledge in copyright law.