We at ARIATHES Attorneys at Law are convinced by arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

We are often active in highly complex areas that do not fall within the usual canon of general judicial training. The state courts do not always hold specialized chambers in this regard. In some areas, for example, we prefer arbitration, where it is possible to ensure that the final coutcome of a case is always decided by those who are proven experts in their field.

Members of our office and Mr. Becker in particular has extensive experience in the field of national and international arbitration, not only with the actual arbitration proceedings themselves, but also with the implementation and enforcement of domestic and foreign arbitral awards.

Attorneys of our firm have already participated as foreign experts in the establishment of arbitration organizations in other countries.

What is more, we have participated in a large number of arbitration and mediation proceedings and have thus gained extensive experience in this field of alternative dispute resolution.